2nd album on the way !

Big news !

[ENG] We will record our 2nd album, titled « Light Of The Fallen Gods », at Mathlab Studio (Italy) from May 19th to June 7th. The record will be mixed once again by Chris Donaldson (Crytopsy) and released by WormHoleDeath Records. We can’t wait for you to hear it !

[FR] Nous allons enregistrer notre 2ème album, intitulé « Light Of The Fallen gods », au MathLab Studio (Italie) du 19 Mai au 7 Juin. Il sera mixé encore une fois par Chris Donaldson (Crytopsy) et sortira chez WormHoleDeath Records. L’impatience nous foudroie !


Video out now !

Hey !

Our video for « Kingdom of Vanity » is out !

Check it out here : http://youtu.be/PHDuastpWoc

Video coming soon !

Hi !

We shot a video for the song « Kingdom Of Vanity » last weekend, stay tuned ! To be released in January 2014.

See ya !

Kingdom Of Vanity : Physical Release

Hey folks !

You can now buy our physical album by following these links :



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Kingdom Of Vanity : Digital Release


Our debut album « Kingdom Of Vanity » is out now on digital platforms :




See you soon for the « physical » release.



Hi there,

Here is « Phœnix » from our debut album « Kingdom Of Vanity ».

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Kingdom Of Vanity Promo Pictures

Hi !

We did a great photo shooting with our friend Tony Morra.

Check it out here.

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Merchstore Online

Hi ! Our merchstore is finally online, there is a few items but more are coming very soon ! Stay tuned.

A Black Conclusion

Hi there,

Here is « A Black Conclusion » from our debut album « Kingdom Of Vanity ».

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(1080p for a maximum audio quality)

Studio Report

Hi folks,

Here is our studio report for our debut album « Kingdom Of Vanity », out soon.



Cheers !