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Line-up changes

Hugo (drums) left the band in october 2016 and Tony (guitars) in March 2017. Alex is now RTTV’s drummer and the band will play as a four-piece.

New guitarist ! Welcome Tony !

Gauthier, one of the founding members of RTTV, left the band. Tony is taking his place and is already working with the band for the writing of the 3rd album….


New video ! See the whole band play « This Is Our Time » off the album « Light Of The Fallen Gods ». Check it out here :

New Video Out

The video for the track « The One Who Shoulders The Light (Part II) » is now online. Check it out here :

« Light Of The Fallen Gods » OUT NOW ! + Lyrics video

Our new album « Light Of The Falleng Gods » is out now on digital platforms and you can grab a copy on various websites (like our shop for example). and here…

New Bass Player !

Suite à une décision commune, RTTV se sépare de Fabien (Uwé pour les intimes) qui officiait à la basse. Nous lui souhaitons le meilleur et lui envoyons un max de…